Advisory Committee

Guided by experienced minds and seasoned leaders, our Advisory Committee brings wisdom and strategic insights, ensuring the success and impact of our initiatives. Their collective expertise guides us on the path to a more harmonious world. Meet some of our Advisory Committee members:

Alex Sapundzhiev- Fundraising Advisor

With over 26 years in Real Estate investment, Alex Sapundzhiev is an FCA-approved professional and CISI member. Holding an MBA and Level 3 Certificate in Investments, he excels in joint venture equity and mezzanine finance across the UK and Europe. Alex’s track record includes successful co-investments in diverse assets worth millions. His strategic roles in organizations like Hilton Worldwide and Lehman Brothers showcase leadership in navigating international complexities. Alex’s financial acumen positions him as a valuable asset for organizations focused on International Children’s Peace Network, and fundraising for global projects and impactful initiatives.

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