“Embark on a transformative journey with the International Children’s Peace Network, where we cultivate young peacemakers by sparking global friendships, love and compassion among children. Picture a world where peace, unity, freedom and understanding reign supreme. Our mission extends to developing good, positive values and character-building through interactive projects, fostering a future where these virtues echo across the globe. We hope our collective efforts will play a crucial role in shaping strong leaders of tomorrow, dedicated to making this world a better place.”

Future Events:

Our focus areas are: Peace, Education, Creativity and Environment, all aimed at developing inspiring future leaders and peace ambassadors.

This includes organising the “International Children’s Peace Assembly”, an event that is staged in different parts of the world every two years. Our forthcoming Assemblies include:

Bulgaria, Europe in Aug 2024

London, United Kingdom in Aug 2026

Delhi, India in Aug 2028

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A Glimpse into ICPN’s Mission: Fostering Global Harmony and Youth Empowerment

“In a nutshell, ICPN dedicates itself to empowering global youth, promoting peace, fostering environmental awareness, encouraging creativity and shaping well-rounded individuals through a holistic approach to child development”.

The impact of our contribution:

* Promotion of Peaceful Values:

Actively promoting values of peace and unity, ICPN’s initiatives, such as the Parliament Debates and Youth Advocacy, work towards shaping future leaders who prioritize cooperation, understanding, and peaceful solutions to global challenges.

* Global Youth Empowerment:

ICPN actively engages children and teens worldwide, fostering environmental awareness, creativity, and a commitment to peace through initiatives like the “Let’s Save Our Planet” book project and the International Children’s Peace Assembly.

Holistic Child Development:

ICPN’s mission, addressing peace, education, creativity, and the environment, reflects a holistic approach to shaping well-rounded individuals. The organization strives to contribute to the development of socially conscious, academically proficient, and environmentally responsible future leaders.

* Cultural Exchange and Enrichment:

Through programs like the International Children’s Peace Assembly, ICPN promotes cultural exchange opportunities, broadening perspectives and instilling a sense of global citizenship. Participants explore new cultures, witness local sights, and immerse themselves in customs, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation.

* Global Collaboration for Sustainability:

ICPN’s collaborative efforts extend globally, involving Rotary clubs, schools, and organizations. By uniting diverse communities, the organization contributes to the collective global goal of creating a sustainable and harmonious future, emphasizing joint action on environmental issues, educational development, and peace promotion.

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