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Sponsor a child and empower them with the gift of peace. Whether you’re an individual, a business, part of Rotary District or have united a number of partnering Clubs, your sponsorship offers children the chance to participate in life-changing events like “The International Children’s Peace Assembly,” educational programs, and community initiatives. Your support creates a memorable, lifelong experience for these young ambassadors.


If you aspire to attend the International Children’s Peace Assembly (ICPA) but require financial support for registration expenses, including flights and associated fees covering accommodation, meals, sightseeing visits, activity participation, and local travel for both you and one guardian, follow these steps:

1. Contact Your Local Rotary Club or Rotary District:
Reach out to your local Rotary Club or Rotary District and inquire about the possibility of sponsoring your application. They may be able to provide the necessary support to make your participation in the event a reality by covering your registration fees and return flights (and a guardian).

2. Discuss Sponsorship Details:
Engage in a discussion with your potential sponsor, which could be a Rotary Club, Rotary District, local business, your school or grant provider. Understand the specifics of the sponsorship arrangement, and highlight that upon returning from the event, you commit to becoming an International Childrens Peace Network (ICPN) Ambassador.

This role involves: Sharing International Children’s Peace Assembly (ICPA) adventures, learnings, knowledge gained, cultural insights, achievements and experiences with local community, your school, media etc
-Becoming a leader for the “Let’s Save Our Planet” project to promote environmental awareness among other children in your school.

The Benefits will be many including:
-Representing your country as an individual and promoting your country’s commitment to peace and unity at the international level.
-Building leadership skills and fostering a sense of responsibility towards giving back to the community through sharing of knowledge.
-To help create positive change and becoming a role model for others to be inspired by

Ensure that you or your sponsor are prepared to cover the registration fees and return flights for both you and one guardian as part of the sponsorship.

By following these steps, you can navigate the sponsorship process effectively, making it possible for you to participate in the enriching experience of the forthcoming International Children’s Peace Assembly.

We look forward to welcoming you.
Best of Luck,

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