“Join the Movement: Rotary Clubs Unite for Environmental Education”

Rotary Club of Gants Hill hosted an inspiring meeting buzzing with excitement and purpose. The focal point? The Let’s Save Our Planet Project – a game-changing initiative set to make waves in the London Borough of Redbridge. Spearheaded locally by none other than Mayor Jyotsna Islam herself, who’s taken on the role of International Children’s Peace Network (ICPN) Ambassador to champion this noble cause. At the heart of it all is Honey Kalaria, the visionary behind the initiative, and both London Rotary Environment Committee Chair as well as co founder of International Children’s Peace Network.

With a deep desire to foster collaboration among Rotary clubs & Rotary districts, local boroughs, schools, community groups and organizations, Honey aims to ignite a spark of environmental consciousness among students aged 12 to 17. The meeting boasted esteemed guests, including renowned community leader Ravi Bhannot, whose enthusiasm added fuel to the project’s fire. President Shaf Ahmed, leading the meeting at Rotary Club of Gants Hill, graciously welcomed Honey to share her vision, highlighting the club’s commitment to nurturing the next generation and safeguarding our precious planet. It’s a tale of camaraderie, passion, and a shared mission to make the world a greener, brighter place, one step at a time.

Honey Kalaria invites organizations aligned with ICPN’s vision of fostering peace, education, cultural exchange, and environmental awareness to engage by reaching out via www.icpeacenetwork.org.


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