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“Building a Greener Future: ICPN Launches Global Education Initiative with “Let’s Save Our Planet” Book”

The vision for a sustainable and environmentally conscious future takes a significant leap forward with the expansion of the “Let’s Save Our Planet” book project initiated by Dr. Honey Kalaria, District Environment Chair of Rotary in London. This ambitious endeavor aims to educate children globally about environmental issues, fostering a sense of responsibility and inspiring actions to protect our planet and its precious resources.

International Reach: Breaking Language Barriers.

The “Let’s Save Our Planet” book, currently available in English, French, Italian, and Spanish, with potential plans to translate into other languages, helping to transcend linguistic boundaries, making environmental education accessible to children worldwide. This strategic multilingual approach ensures that the message of environmental stewardship reaches diverse communities, fostering a global understanding of the urgent need for collective action.

Global Collaboration with Rotary Clubs

Dr. Honey Kalaria champions global collaboration by encouraging Rotary clubs from around the world to join this noble cause. The initiative invites Rotary clubs to partner with local schools, supporting environment-related activities such as tree planting, awareness campaigns, and interactive projects aligned with the “Let’s Save Our Planet” theme. This collaboration creates a network of like-minded organizations dedicated to nurturing a generation of environmentally conscious global citizens.

Local Impact: Rotary Clubs at the Forefront

Rotary clubs play a pivotal role in the success of this initiative at the local level. By partnering with schools, they become catalysts for change, facilitating educational programs, and promoting hands-on activities that align with the environmental themes presented in the book. This grassroots approach ensures that the initiative has a tangible impact on communities, inspiring young minds to embrace eco-friendly practices.

Strategic Leadership: Dr. Honey Kalaria’s Vision

Dr. Honey Kalaria, a visionary leader in environmental initiatives, spearheads this project with the belief that educating children is the cornerstone of building a sustainable future. Her strategic leadership has garnered support from Rotary clubs, local schools, local boroughs, and global partners, creating a collaborative platform to address pressing environmental challenges.

Looking Ahead: A Greener, United Future

As the “Let’s Save Our Planet” book project gains momentum, the vision of a greener, united future becomes clearer. By instilling environmental awareness in the younger generation, this initiative lays the foundation for a world where children grow up as stewards of the Earth, equipped with the knowledge and passion to protect our planet for generations to come. For further information contact ENDS.

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About “Let’s Save Our Planet” Book Project:

Honey Kalaria – The “Let’s Save Our Planet” book project, initiated by Dr. Honey Kalaria, District Environment Chair of Rotary in London, is a global effort to educate children about environmental issues. The project encourages collaboration between Rotary clubs, various organisations and local schools, fostering environmental awareness and inspiring meaningful actions.

International Children’s Peace Network (ICPN), under the visionary leadership of co-founders Dr. Honey Kalaria and Nellie Stefanova, passionately embraces initiatives promoting peace, education, creativity, and environmental awareness. Therefore, the “Let’s Save Our Planet” initiative, designed to educate and inspire the younger generation, is being effectively run through the ICPN network. Their dedication reflects a commitment to fostering a harmonious world for children, emphasizing the importance of collaboration to create a global network dedicated to shaping a brighter future for the younger generation.


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