What We Do

At International Children’s Peace Network (ICPN) you can step into a world where peace isn’t just a concept but a vibrant, living reality. At the International Children’s Peace Network, we embark on a thrilling journey with children and their guardians, together with highly skilled facilitators weaving a tapestry of understanding, creativity, character building and friendship. Our Peace Assemblies are more than events; they are playgrounds for lasting friendships, echoing with the laughter of diverse cultures converging. Join us as we empower young minds through peace education, ignite creativity that knows no bounds, and foster an environment where children become stewards of our Mother Earth, acknowledging it’s the only planet we have.

Let’s build bridges that transcend borders and cultivate a shared commitment to a world bathed in the glow of unity and harmony. Together, we’re crafting a legacy where every child blossoms into an ambassador of global peace, transforming into an inspiring role model and leader in their own communities.

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