Embark on a green adventure with us as we delve into the heart of environmental stewardship. Our mission extends beyond just creating a Peace Park; we’re cultivating a green haven, the Rotary International Children’s Peace Park, interwoven with the melody of the Peace Bells.

Partnering with schools and educational establishments, we’re sowing the seeds of eco-awareness, educating young minds about the significance of saving our planet. Join us in a journey to combat climate change, encourage tree planting, and weave a tapestry of nature that not only enhances well-being but also safeguards our precious resources. Let’s create a legacy where sustainability meets friendship and every tree planted is a promise for a greener, healthier future.

Our Project

Let's Save Our Planet Education Program

Environmental Literacy for the Youth

Project Overview

Welcome to the “Let’s Save Our Planet” Initiative – A global movement spearheaded by Dr Honey Kalaria, co-founder of The International Children’s Peace Network (ICPN). “Our mission is to gift each school library or school a copy of the captivating graphic novel written by Julie Wornan, providing children and teens with a fact-based understanding of the changing world due to various environment related topics”.

What will children learn

Each child will embark on an enlightening journey with ‘Let’s Save Our Planet,’ a captivating graphic novel that masterfully blends fun and seriousness to provide children and teens with a fact-based understanding of our ever-changing world. Join Hugo and Elodie as they encounter Maddy, the spirit of an extinct butterfly, symbolizing the devastating impact of human actions on nature. Riding on Maddy’s magical wings, the children witness storms, floods, heat waves, and melting glaciers, gaining insights into greenhouse gases, fossil fuels, carbon-neutral energy, and eco-friendly practices. This vividly illustrated edition offers a delightful feast for the eyes while imparting essential knowledge about environmental conservation and inspiring positive change.”

How to Get Involved

Gift a Book to Your School Library: Join us in promoting environmental education by encouraging local boroughs, education ministers, or funding sponsors to gift “Let’s Save Our Planet” books to school libraries. This simple act can inspire heads, students, parents, and Rotary Clubs to work together to support the initiative and develop activities that children can practically get involved in
Take Action in Your Community: Design and Participate in environmental activities such as planting trees or engaging in Rotary Youth Competitions. These competitions offer a platform to showcase talents in areas like photography, filmmaking, music, art, cooking, debate, and environmental initiatives. Find out more about Rotary Youth Competitions held in the UK – Youth Competitions – Our Projects – Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland

Benefits of Participation

Global Environmental Literacy: By gifting books and engaging in activities, children worldwide gain knowledge about environmental challenges, fostering global environmental literacy.
Youth-Led Environmental Advocacy: Empower the youth to become advocates for environmental causes, creating a platform for their voices to be heard globally.
Cultural Diversity and Unity: Breaking language barriers with multilingual books, the initiative promotes global unity and understanding, appreciating cultural diversity.
Community and Global Collaboration: Collaboration between Rotary clubs, local organizations, and schools creates a network dedicated to environmental education, forming a powerful force for positive change.
Positive Impact Evaluation: Submit reports and photos online after organizing events, helping us collectively celebrate and promote the positive changes made in communities globally. (Note – Add link to submit report page )

Steps to Success in a glance

Gift a Book: Advocate for the gifting of books to school libraries.
Organize Events: Encourage schools to take part in environmental activities and Rotary Youth Competitions.
Capture the Moment: Document events with photos and reports, showcasing the impact of initiatives.
Submit Reports: Share success stories and inspire others by submitting event reports online using easy to follow template. (Note – Add link to submit report page )
Engage Locally: Connect with local Rotary Clubs, education ministers, and sponsors to expand the initiative’s reach. Alternatively, Rotary Clubs & other organisations can directly contact their local schools and invite them to get involved.

“Our vision is to inspire every Rotary club worldwide to contribute, sponsor or gift a minimum of three “Lets Save Our Planet” books annually, and collaborate with three local schools on impactful environmental activities. In this simplicity, we believe lies the profound impact that can shape a sustainable and harmonious future for our children and our planet.”Dr Honey Kalaria, Co Founder of International Children’s Peace Network (ICPN)

About the “Let’s Save Our Planet” Book

Explore the enchanting world of “Let’s Save Our Planet,” where Hugo, Elodie, and Maddy, the spirit of an extinct butterfly, embark on a magical journey. This full-color graphic novel offers a fact-based yet entertaining exploration of climate change, encouraging children to become stewards of the Earth.

Join ICPN in creating a greener, united future for our youth and the world. Gift a book, take action, and be part of a global movement shaping a brighter tomorrow. Together, we can make a difference.

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