Embark on a transformative journey towards peace with us! At the heart of our mission is the commitment to nurturing understanding and cooperation among children and youth of all ages. The International Children’s Peace Assembly stands as a vibrant platform, fostering enduring friendships and cultivating a sense of global unity.

Our pursuit of peace involves the active exchange of knowledge, removing ignorance, and promoting diversity. Through engaging activities, children collaboratively develop new skills, broaden their life experiences, and discover the joy of working together. In this dynamic initiative, children are invited to share their visions for the future, proposing solutions that resonate with their dreams of how the world should be.

This unique process culminates in the selection of outstanding speeches, with the chosen children invited to share their powerful messages at the local Parliament. The transcript of these speeches becomes an integral part of a report, forwarded to esteemed organizations like the United Nations, contributing to a collective effort to shape a brighter and more harmonious future. Join us on this exciting journey of fostering peace, unity, and empowering the voices of our future leaders!

Our Project

International Children’s Peace Assembly

Embark on a Journey of Unity, Learning, and Global Friendship.

Welcome to the International Children’s Peace Assembly (ICPA) 2024, a magical extravaganza taking place in the enchanting city of Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe from 11-17 August (Arrival 10 Aug – Departure 18 Aug). This week-long event is not just a gathering for children aged 12-17years (with a guardian); it’s a celebration of peace, education, creativity, and global friendship.

About Bulgaria, Europe

Bulgaria, a captivating destination nestled in Southeast Europe, boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. Sofia, its capital, stands as a vibrant hub with a unique blend of ancient landmarks like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and a thriving contemporary arts scene. The country’s diverse landscapes, from the majestic Rila Monastery to the pristine Black Sea coastline, offer a mesmerizing backdrop. Bulgaria’s warm hospitality, delectable cuisine, and the allure of its folklore make it an enchanting setting for the International Children’s Peace Assembly, fostering cultural exchange and creating lasting memories for participants.

Here’s what you can expect during this transformative week:

1.Cultural Enrichment & Sight Seeing:

Explore a new culture, witness local sights, and immerse yourself in customs that span the rich tapestry of Sofia. From historical landmarks to vibrant traditions, every moment promises to be a cultural adventure.

2.Educational Workshops and Fun Activities:

Ignite your curiosity through stimulating workshops and fun activities that blend learning with laughter. Unlock your potential, discover new talents, and embrace the joy of shared experiences.

3.International Super Star Talent Showcase:

Unleash your creativity on the stage! Participate in the “International Super Star Talent Showcase”, where you can showcase your unique talents—be it through dance, singing, a special act, or playing an instrument. Win global recognition and prizes for representing your country with pride. Register your spot at the ICP Assembly to submit your participation in “International Super Star Talent Showcase ”

4.Creative Fusion: A Multi-Art Exhibition:

Display your artistic side! Contribute to the Exhibition where you can showcase paintings, photographs, sculptures, digital models or even written poems for everyone to appreciate. Your creations will be displayed in a public exhibition space, judged and your artistic flair celebrated. Don’t forget, you will also proudly be representing your country.Register your spot at the ICP Assembly to submit your participation in “Creative Fusion: A Multi-Art Exhibition”

5.Parliament Debates and Youth Advocacy :

 Participate in engaging discussions at the local parliament and elevate your voice for peace and positive transformation. Submit a speech to participate in the ICPN’s “Amplifying Youth Voices in Parliament – Advocating for Change” session. Describe the ideal transformation you envision for the world, aspiring to make it a more peaceful and improved place using topics relating to  peace, education, creativity or environment. Selected speeches from young participants will earn them an exclusive opportunity to speak at the parliament. These impactful scripts will also be included in a comprehensive report submitted as recommendations to the United Nations. Following the parliamentary speeches, enjoy a day of sightseeing, creating memorable moments of awe and inspiration.

Register your spot at the ICP Assembly to submit your participation in “Amplifying Youth Voices in Parliament – Advocating for Change”

6.Team Building and Character Development:

Participate in team-building activities that shape character and values. Embrace the essence of unity and harmony as you work together to build lifelong friendships.

7.Peace Bell Park Day:

Come together for a special day at the Peace Bell Park. Unite to ring the bells of peace and contribute to planting trees, creating a serene space for future generations.

8.“Kindness” Personal Stories:

Share your personal story of kindness. Describe a time you did something good, why you did it, how it made you feel, and the impact it had on others.  The submitted stories of compassion, action, and inspiration will be published into a heartwarming Ebook called “Kindness Chronicles: Ripples of Goodness”. This title vividly illustrates the theme of the book, showcasing how acts of kindness create ripples of positivity. It emphasises that each act creates a lasting echo that resonates through the inspiring, divine and heart warming stories that illuminate the human spirit.

Register your spot at the ICP Assembly to participate, and submit a 500-800 word story to be considered for inclusion in the book “Kindness Chronicles: Ripples of Goodness”

9.Gala Awards Evening:

Experience the grand finale at the Gala Awards Evening, where special awards will be presented, competition winners announced, and high-quality entertainment will grace the stage. Every participant will receive an ICPA Certificate of Attendance Award.

All those who have registered for ICP Assembly are automatically included in attendees list, however all friends, family and general public need to book their tickets to attend the special glitzy Gala Awards Evening.

10.Surprises Await:

Expect the unexpected! Various surprise activities are sprinkled throughout the week, adding an extra layer of excitement to your ICPA experience.

Register to participate:

Visit our website to register, get involved in competitions, and embark on a journey that promises not just memories, but a lifetime of impact. The International Children’s Peace Assembly – where every moment is a step towards a harmonious future!

Event Registration Page

Funding Application Guide:

Secure external funding if required for your participation in the ICP Assembly by reaching out to your local Rotary Club or Rotary District. They often support youth programs, cultural exchange and peace initiatives, making them potential sponsoring partners for your attendance. Contact them directly to discuss your intention to attend and explore funding support options.

Apply for funding support

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